Welcome New Neighbors -
If you are new to our neighborhood, please contact our Welcoming Committee Coordinator for a directory and a copy of the Covenants and Restrictions: 

Joy Neely

As a reminder to all residents, please instruct moving van operators to use the rear or west entrance for entering and leaving the subdivision.
The West Entrance has a larger turning area than the East (Main) Entrance which allows moving vans access without damaging the landscaped areas.


Rosedown Park, located at the end of Kramer Place, is open to all homeowners from dawn to dusk.  Guests must be accompanied by a Rosedown homeowner.

Rosedown Subdivision West Entrance

All improvements on the lots were then and are now to be constructed with strict adherence to the covenants, and hereafter maintained by the owner in a clean, safe, and attractive condition and in good repair.

All members of the RACC committee and the Rosedown Board are volunteers.  Our goal is to continue to maintain Rosedown as a quality subdivision.  Cooperation and assistance of all residents are needed.

All changes to properties within Rosedown must be approved by the RACC and the Board prior to construction.

To submit a request for RACC approval, please go to the RACC PAGE

The RACC committee was established to maintain the quality and desirability of Rosedown Subdivision.

Rosedown Architectural Control Committee - When Rosedown Subdivision was developed in the late 1980’s, Covenants, Deed Restrictions, and Obligations were filed with St. Tammany Parish.

General  - This page contains information relevant to residents of Rosedown Subdivision.  

History - The subdivision was named after the Rosedown Plantation located in the West Feliciana Parish community of St. Francisville along one of the most historic corridors in South Louisiana.   For a complete history of Rosedown Plantation along with images of the actual property, visit this link:  State Historic Site

Restrictive Covenants - All homeowners should be aware of the restrictive covenants of the subdivision.  In the near future, a copy of the restrictive covenants will be available on this site.  Please check back for further details.

Homeowners Dues - Property assessments are part of the restrictive covenants and are due on July 1st each year.  Currently, properties are assessed at $300 per year and the collected funds are used for maintaining the common areas, maintenance, utilities, and other miscellaneous expenses.  Typically, the $300/lot is expensed as follows:

  • Landscaping - $108
  • Electricity - $60
  • Maintenance - $30
  • Liability Insurance - $24
  • Water - $18
  • Activities/Decorations - $18
  • Misc (billing/printing/tax) - $18
  • Contingency/Projects - $24
Rosedown Homeowners Association Message Boards

Calendar - These events recur annually around the month indicated below.  If you are interested in helping or participating, please contact Christine Desposito.

April - Spring Fling at Rosedown Park
May - Annual Homeowners Meeting
July - Property Assessments
October - Annual Garage Sale

Rosedown Subdivision Main Entrance

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