Welcome New Neighbors -
If you are new to our neighborhood, please contact our Welcoming Committee Coordinator for a directory and a copy of the Covenants and Restrictions: 

Rosemary Weidler

Homeowners and Listing Agents:
Please see the following Acknowledgment Letter concerning property transactions:

Rosedown Subdivision is a restrictive covenants subdivision which is intended to maintain property values within the subdivision.  For this reason, all property owners should be aware of these restrictions when considering changes to their property.  In addition, all real estate agents should acquaint prospective buyers of these restrictions which become a part of the act of sale for all property transactions in Rosedown.

To make it easy for all property owners to have access to the deed restrictions and covenants, a copy is available on this web site.  A copy of the Rosedown Homeowners’ Association Bylaws is also included for your review.

Deed Restrictions and Covenants

The St. Tammany Code of Ordinances contains all the ordinances that affect residents of unincorporated St. Tammany which includes Rosedown Subdivision.  A link is included here for your reference.




The Rosedown Architectural Control Committee (RACC) is established by the covenants of Rosedown and functions independently from the Board of Directors.  The purpose of the RACC is two-fold:

  1. To help maintain the appearance
    and value of all properties within Rosedown
  2. To be consistent in approach when applying the covenants and when granting variances requested by homeowners.

All changes to properties within Rosedown must be approved by the RACC and the Board prior to construction.


For additional information, please email the Board.


Restrictive Covenants/Ordinances Spotlight

Each month, we  will focus on specific sections of the homeowner restrictive covenants and/or related St. Tammany Parish ordinances that affect all residents of Rosedown.  This month, we are addressing the control of pets, specifically dogs.  We all enjoy pets, but the Board is asking all homeowners to be considerate of your neighbors by maintaining control of your pets. 

The two main issues in Rosedown related to pets are: dogs running loose and dogs leaving deposits on front lawns.  These two issues are addressed in Section III(8) of our covenants and also in the St. Tammany Parish Code Section 4-129.00 Leash Requirements and Section 4-126.00 Nuisances. 

By Parish law, dogs must be fenced or be kept on a leash and are not allowed to run loose, leave droppings in yards or otherwise create a nuisance by continuous barking.  According to the above referenced ordinance, violations of the ordinance are considered misdemeanors and the owners are subject to penalties.  Homeowners are advised to report any violations to the St. Tammany Sheriff’s Office.

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